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Auto Insurance Ann Arbor MI

At Finn’s JM&J Insurance Agency, the ease of doing business with us will keep you rolling.


No matter what you drive, at Finn’s JM&J Insurance Agency, we can help you get the best policy with an ease that makes looking for insurance more enjoyable than you had thought possible. In Ann Arbor and throughout Michigan, we’ll help you find the perfect policy to keep your liability reasonable and keep your car legal.


Get What You Need

With so many types of vehicle insurance policies, it can be confusing to try and sort through all of them. For this reason, many people simply go with the cheapest policy. This can be dangerous if you go with a policy that does not provide all of the protection you need. So you need to discuss your auto insurance options and quotes carefully with your Finn’s JM&J Insurance Agency agent before you purchase a policy.

Insurance For the Many Vehicles You Drive

What a lot of people also forget is that ordinary cars aren’t the only kinds of vehicles that can be insured. Boat & watercraft policies are great for anything on the water, and motorhome and RV policies are somewhat like traditional home policies, only they require unique protection because they are also vehicles. Motorcycle insurance policies are valuable too because, on the road, you never know what is going to happen next.


The open road has a lot of dangers, both to you and to other motorists. That’s why we’re happy to help find the best policy for your vehicle. In fact, we enjoy it! We enjoy finding you the right insurance and believe you should enjoy it too! That’s why we do our best to ensure that working with us is as convenient as possible


Sound like a plan? Give us a call today at 734-668-4050 or fill out our online quote form to get started. Let’s have some fun!

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