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Health Insurance Ann Arbor MI

In Good Hands
Getting the right health insurance doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore.


Health insurance is a great way to keep yourself healthy and able to do the things you love in life. Otherwise, it’s too easy to skip medical checkups and ignore small issues that could turn into larger ones. At Finn’s JM&J Insurance Agency in Michigan, we have been working, since 1959, to ensure that the health of the people in our community is as good as it can be and in the most stress-free way possible. You can never be too prepared, and we can help both individuals and businesses get the insurance they need to protect themselves and employees from incurring massive medical bills.


Health insurance coverage can help you with every aspect of medicine. From pre-emptive care and checkups to supplemental health policies and riders, we can help you get to a place where your medical costs stay reasonable. There’s no sense having insurance unless it’s affordable, and we take pride in working with your needs and getting you great quotes for great policies.

Individual Health Coverage

With long term disability and even short term medical issues that could derail your entire financial plan, we at Finn’s JM&J Insurance Agency work to bring you very competitive policies that can help you supplement what your workplace offers or compensate for not having employer sponsored coverage. We can work with you in a multitude of ways to get you the best policy for the best rate.


Group Health Coverage

Rates for group health insurance policies are also available. Companies can sweeten their compensation and help employee retention by offering group benefits. With a group policy, the price per person for a business is generally lower and the process of approval is often that much easier.


So if you need health insurance quotes, please contact our Ann Arbor office today! We’ll take the hassle out of obtaining health insurance. Call 734-668-4050 to get started.

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