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Liability Insurance Ann Arbor MI

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Getting to know your business and its liability needs is our pleasure!


Having the right liability policy in place is a great way to limit your losses. While you may still have to pay something out of pocket due to different types of liability suits, a good policy will protect you from having to file bankruptcy.


The following coverages are three types of liability insurance to consider. At Finn’s JM&J Insurance Agency, our aim is to get to know you and your business first in order to find the right policy.


General Liability Insurance

General liability policies are useful for any and all companies. If someone slips on your property or gets injured on your property, regardless of if your employees were even involved, they can sue you. In this world, you can get sued for virtually anything. With a general liability policy, your assets can be reasonably well protected.

Professional Liability Insurance

If you are a practicing professional, you can be sued if you make a mistake or if there is a complication involving something you have done. In a case of this nature, you would be wise to speak to one of our Finn’s JM&J Insurance Agency insurance agents regarding a professional liability policy. Having this type of policy is often necessary to remain licensed, so you might as well seek out our expertise in finding the best possible policy for your unique needs.


Umbrella Insurance

You may already have general liability insurance for your business, but sometimes that is not enough. In these instances, a hefty lawsuit could still strip the financial life of your company to the bone and leave you high and dry. This is why umbrella insurance policies are important. An umbrella policy can help you stay protected up to a massive level, with million dollar coverage being commonplace.


When it comes to liability insurance, you need to go to a Michigan agency you can trust. Finn’s JM&J Insurance Agency is a family business that’s been around since 1959. We have the know-how to protect you and it’s our pleasure to do so!

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