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Life & Health Insurance Ann Arbor MI

Life & Health Insurance Ann Arbor MI
Enjoy finding the right life and health insurance policies with Finn’s JM&J Insurance Agency.


Life & health insurance is an important part of life in Michigan, because life here is as unpredictable as it is anywhere. When someone else depends on your income, you have to consider getting both a life insurance and a health insurance policy for their protection as much as for yourself. These policies are important parts of being responsible and planning ahead, and they can take a lot of stress off of you during bad situations.


Policies for Individuals

Individual policies are great for people who are self-employed, whose employers don’t offer coverage, or who want to purchase a supplemental policy to make their coverage more robust. In these cases, you will definitely want to speak to one of our agents and get all the facts about our life, health, and disability insurance offerings.

Policies for Businesses

An option that works well with small to large employers is group benefits insurance policies. Offering health & disability insurance can be a great boost to your employees’ compensation, which can help with worker retention. The trick is to make sure that you have the best possible policies available to your employees, which is something you would also be wise to speak to one of our agents about. More knowledge is a better choice, and a better set of choices means you can get back to the other important things that matter to your business that much sooner.


Get the Help You Need

Life and health insurance policies can be tricky to navigate. There are issues involving riders, deciding what kind of policy to get based on your budget, and then deciding how much and what kind of coverage you really need. At Finn’s JM&J Insurance Agency, we have extensive experience in helping people just like you to find the best possible coverage. While nothing can eliminate every problem in life, we offer policies that can greatly diminish your expenses and help the people who depend on you.


Coming to Finn’s JM&J Insurance Agency is like coming home. You’ll be surrounded by people who care. Let us help you get the insurance that works for you in a way that’s convenient and easy. Come experience the “Finn Experience” with us today!

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